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Seeing Bel is the best thing I have done for myself for a very long time. It has changed my life.” BH, Denmark

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  Welcome to Positive Perceptions

Hello, my name is Bel Rogers and I’m a qualified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, Life Between Lives Regression Practitioner, Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Reiki Healer and Transformational Breakthrough Coach. I am also the Trainer and Supervisor for the the Past Life Regression Academy in Italy. I live and work among the lakes and mountains in a beautiful part or Northern Italy near the ‘garden city’ of Varese which is about an hour from the cities of Milan, Como and Lugano and I run a private practice here.

Well-being and healing is a very personal thing and many people still think of it only on a physical level, whereas the reality is much wider. Even medical science is at last coming round to an understanding that healing is not simply a collection of physical processes but involves the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. The techniques I use have life-changing and enhancing possibilities on every level and can be extremely helpful for a huge number of physical, mental, emotional, health and spiritual problems or work related issues.

All the different healing methods I use work beautifully together or on their own, so I am able to design healing sessions personalised for my client’s needs. The techniques I use can have life-changing and enhancing possibilities on every level and can be extremely helpful for a huge number of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. I am working on getting my spoken Italian to a level which will allow me to work fluently in Italian but at the moment all my sessions are in English. I can work with a translator if you would like a regression session in Italian. I am regularly in the UK and it is possible to arrange an appointment with me in North Yorkshire when I am there. 

Perhaps you are reading this and yearning to give yourself some time and space to rejuvenate and relax? Some space to explore your concerns, fears or issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment, to improve yourself and your life. If so, you can come to Italy and enjoy a wonderful health and well-being getaway, a healing retreat designed uniquely for your needs to give your body and mind the boost they need in the beautiful, relaxing, energising and natural environment here. By choosing a retreat you will be able to identify issues you need to work with and let go of anything that is stopping you being the person you want to be with a programme of healing designed uniquely for you. A time for reflection, when your mind and heart can be still and calm, when you can connect with your soul and heal at a deep level. A time to rediscover the important things in life, enjoy some beautiful scenery and some delicious Italian food! There are a wide variety of accommodation and package options that can be arranged for you and I will be very happy to assist you with your choice.

The intention for every session I do is to unblock, release and transform any issue that is causing unwanted feelings, thoughts, pain or dis-ease. All the techniques I use are marvellous for this as they engage the subconscious mind which is where all our problems spring up from and where all our solutions lie. Healing this way is much quicker than more traditional methods and it is lasting which means that you can start getting on with your life free of the baggage you may have been carrying around with you for years much faster than you may have thought. Some of my clients have enjoyed life changing results after one session, for others it may take a few. We are all unique and so is our healing and I know it always happens in the time and at the pace that is perfect for us.

I also run Group Well-being Sessions, Workshops and Seminars for friends or professionals tailored to your group’s needs.  A fun and different way for improving your life with a group of friends or get in touch to find out what I can do to help the people in your organisation or business have improved physical and emotional well-being, become more successful and thrive.

Maybe you need to feel more relaxed or want physical and emotional well-being, better health, more happiness, success or balance in your life. Perhaps you want to feel better about yourself, have improved relationships with your loved ones or to understand the root cause of any emotional, physical or health issues or problems which are standing in your way or you may desire to connect more deeply with your soul, inner wisdom and truth. Whatever it is that you are searching for I can help you. My aim is to assist you in creating the life that you want to live and to help you find true inner peace and well-being so that you can be happy being you. I know this can be done because I have done it for myself and have been privileged to help many others on their path. Helping people connect with their soul and heal themselves and on the way discovering their true essence as a being of pure love, peace and joy and to realise that there is no separation but eternal love, acceptance and support is the most wonderful job.

My intention is to do my best to help you heal, grow and discover your true self. Contact me to let me know what I can help you with and together we can discuss the best course of action for you. I will be delighted to assist you on your journey back to relaxation, optimum health, inner peace and joy.


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