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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Through NLP we can all learn how to change our thoughts, behaviours and feelings and in this way take back the control in our lives so we can live the life we want to live and be the person we want to be. But how is this possible and what is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
The name sounds high tech but it is purely descriptive. ‘Neuro’ relates to the brain and our neurological processes of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and feeling, the senses through which we take in information from the world around us. Our minds generalise and filter the information we receive in order to create meaning which is our perception of reality. NLP states that we respond to our perceptions of reality rather than to reality itself. Our thoughts and experience of life are given 'linguistic' form. Language is considered to be a mirror of the mind, yet it also has great influence on thinking processes and the body. This interaction between the brain, language and the body gives rise to patterns of behaviour or 'programming'. Programming, taken from computer science, refers to the idea that our thoughts, feelings and actions are like computer software programmes. When we change those programmes, just as when we change or upgrade software, we immediately get positive changes and immediate improvements in how we think, feel, act and live. NLP is a means of understanding and enhancing the way we think, communicate and behave. It provides a powerful set of skills and techniques to address situations where change is required.

NLP can be used effectively for emotional, mental and physical healing. The techniques facilitate change by tapping into the inherent wisdom, knowledge and healing within your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is about 90% of your brain capacity, it runs your body and keeps you alive, it has access to your highest creative states, your deepest learning states, your purest healing states and your most powerful states for change. All learning, behaviour and change is unconscious and when we engage the unconscious mind, the change will be lasting.

NLP allows us to view problems we may have as strategies, certain ways of thinking and acting which cause us to get stuck in negative patterns within specific situations in our lives. With this way of viewing a problem there is no such thing as a big problem or a little problem; they are all different strategies we do and they can all be changed. NLP is successful because it allows individuals to change quickly & effectively without any side-effects. Changes occur ethically and organically because it is a person’s unconscious mind which finds all the positive resources, insights and learnings needed to heal the old problem so it easily and quickly transforms and disappears. NLP is the key to inner freedom. It allows you to live a life where you decide who you want to be and which behaviours you choose to have. It allows you to connect with the inner wisdom deep within your unconscious mind and be happy being you.

In NLP you will never be told what to think, or what to do, but instead you will be guided through processes where your unconscious mind will come up with its own solutions as it always knows what is best for you. NLP gives you Powerful Tools for overcoming challenges to your health, happiness and peace of mind and creating the life you have always wanted to live. NLP techniques are extremely useful in coaching because NLP works on producing resourceful changes within our neurology (what and how we think), producing life long results.

NLP is about FREEDOM – freedom to be the best you can be, freedom to live your life to the full, freedom to be happy and content what ever life brings you, freedom to choose to be the person you want to be.

To put it another way...
Your brain is like a super huge, super friendly computer. It ‘codes’ your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, memories, images, sounds, sensations, tastes, smells, as well as words and meanings as sensory representations. It then presents a selection of them to your awareness. None of it is permanently wired, it is completely software driven and that means you can change any part of it you want. How your individual brain selects representations is unique as no two people do it the same way. The end result is that your brain's representations create unique ‘maps’ of the world for you. You use your maps for everything you do, everything you think, and everything you feel. The thing is, maps can get outdated, things change and old maps may omit important new landmarks, even miss entire continents (like the ancient world maps), or tell us something is there when it no longer is. If you update your maps your life be better.

You will be able to:

Rediscover the joy of living every day
Get where you want to go
Do the things that are important to you
You'll make better decisions because the basis of your decisions will be more accurate
You'll create better choices
You'll get new perspectives
You'll have clearer vision and be more successful at anything you choose to do
In the last 30 years the popularity of NLP has spread around the world because the simple fact is, NLP works


NLP was developed in the 1970’s by John Grinder (professor in linguistics), and Richard Bandler (mathematician and therapist) when they investigated what it was that distinguished people who do something with extraordinary elegance and outstanding perfection from people who don’t.

Grinder and Bandler decided to research the answer by studying three outstanding therapists who got amazing results with their patients and who all were masters of communication. They studied Milton Erickson (psychotherapist and hypnotherapist), Virginia Satir (family therapist) and Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy). Grinder and Bandler observed what it was that these three experts did and by doing so they managed to find the strategies, linguistics, processes and techniques these amazing therapists used. Grinder and Bandler then attempted to get the same outstanding results when they used exactly the same strategies, linguistics, processes and techniques and after a short time period they succeeded. Their next goal was to teach it so that others could reach the same outstanding elegance and results that Erickson, Satir and Fritz Perls enjoyed. Bandler and Grinder discovered that this was possible in a relatively short time period and NLP was born.
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