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Breakthrough Retreats in Italy

For a thorough spring clean of your mind amidst the beautiful lakes and mountains of Northern Italy.

Is there something holding you back?
Are you facing a life changing event such as marriage, parenthood, a career change, retirement or divorce? Are you about to go on holiday and want to arrive having already wound down? A Positive Perceptions Breakthrough is a highly effective way of ensuring that you are in the best place possible emotionally and feel empowered to deal with what ever life is throwing you.

To retreat is to pause and remove yourself from your daily environment
so that you are able to give yourself the time to focus on something that will improve your self, your life. While normally taken for reasons related to spirituality, it is common now to retreat to relieve stress, improve health, heal and change our lifestyle for the better. A Breakthrough retreat in Italy is the perfect way to relax your stress battered mind-heart-body at a deep level. A time for reflection, when your mind and heart can be still and calm, where you can better examine issues in your life and plan your future, where you can rejuvenate your soul and rediscover the important things in life… and enjoy beautiful views and some delicious Italian food!

Positive Perceptions specialises in the provision of bespoke, exclusive retreats in an energising, beautiful and natural environment. By choosing this personalised retreat package you will be able to identify issues you need to work with and let go of past experiences that are stopping you being the person you want to be. The Breakthrough process offers deep and rapid resolution of emotional issues and enables you to come to terms with life as it is. You can recover the love, happiness and ease of self expression that you once had. This process is incredibly powerful and effective for those seeking a major breakthrough in their life and is a unique, life-changing opportunity.

Breakthrough Coaching is an in depth change process which lasts between 6-10 hours. It is a powerful approach for achieving results both emotionally and practically. The compact, intensive nature of the Positive Perceptions Breakthrough Process suits many people with a pressured lifestyle. In depth questioning and careful analysis of your ‘story’ helps pinpoint the key patterns that you now want to change. This speeds up the whole process and makes efficient use of your time so you are able to arrive at results faster. You will gain clearer access to your intuition and creativity and be able to change your life for the better. The Breakthrough process can be described as a thought system detox that leaves the body and emotions in a more peaceful and empowered state of being.

Your journey of personal discovery will include:
Clearing obstacles from your past including any limiting beliefs that are holding you back
Breaking through stuck thinking and stuck places
Creating compelling goals
Breakthrough Retreats can achieve results when dealing with:

Anxiety and panic attacks
Phobias and Fears
Low Self-Esteem
Lack of Confidence
Anger, Sadness, Guilt and other negative emotions
Lack of Direction
Inner conflict
Health Problems
Allergies and Pain
Weight Issues
Relationship Issues
Family Problems
Career & Performance Issues and much more

You will be in a safe, peaceful and relaxing environment, without judgement and guided effectively to start achieving your goals and living the life you desire.
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